A life jacket in challenging times

Posted - May 21st, 2014

Coach4Life - Life Jacket For Life

Meditation and the practice of  Mindfulness in daily life truly is a blessing to experience.

At the beginning it takes a little dedicated time to learn the very simple techniques of meditation.

It is a practice that can enhance your life a thousand fold.

From stress, anxiety and worry. from sleepless nights, erratic hormones to reduced immunity, meditation can and does dissolve and heal on many levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

There is a wonderful saying that reads “If you can breathe, you can meditate” Ajahn  Chah.

It really is that simple!

The basis of meditation is just slowing down your thought processes and focusing on one thing e.g. your breath to guide you into a calmer state.

My experience of meditation has and continually does help to dissolve my fears and enhance the connection I have both with myself, others, and life.

Having discovered meditation after a serious illness over 20 years ago  I believe it has kept my immune system strong and allowed me to make good decisions.  And most importantly on a daily basis it allows me to see and experience life at the highest level.

Like everyone else I have been through challenging times but the practice of mindfulness in my daily life has been like a life jacket helping me to be calm through these experiences and find the best route out of them.

I use mindfulness in all my daily tasks, for example, eating, cleaning, writing and in painting. So from the most mundane everyday jobs to the more enjoyable ones, mindfulness allows the mind chatter to dissolve and as you give yourself permission to just be present with what you are doing, focusing on feeling, seeing, hearing… all the senses.

So you see the practice of mindfulness does not need to be separate from your day to day life but instead it can be the very essence of your day, born from each breath, touch, scent, opening up a world of deep awareness and consciousness to you that expands all your experiences.

If I was to name one other great benefit I have received through the practice of meditation and mindfulness is accepting myself and treating myself with kindness.

How often do you criticize yourself ?  Can you ever do enough or be good enough?

Criticism breaks the spirit whereas acceptance and kindness heals it.

The relationship you have with yourself is lifelong. Make it a loving one.

Carolyn Curtis of Coach4Life (Ireland & Lanzarote) teaches meditation, via her workshops & online courses, on Skype and on her special Sunshine Retreat Holidays in Lanzarote which take place throughout the year.

Learn How to Meditate workshop is booking now for next November 2014 in Cork City Ireland.

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For more details see www.coach4life.ie and also see Carolyn’s new website if you are living in, or planning on a holiday to Lanzarote – lanzarotetherapy.com


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