Access the Magic Inside You – part 2

Posted - February 23rd, 2010

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Whenever I want guidance, I stop thinking, clear my mind and listen.

Sometimes I ask a question and listen. Often the answer comes almost immediately and sometimes it takes a little longer, though inevitably those are often the times that I have not cleared my mind completely. It’s impossible to really listen if you are still thinking.

In those moments of silence that follow it is as though the gap created between thoughts opens up a pathway that connects to a place of wisdom, a place inside you that has access to all the answers.

There is a quality in silence that is quite profound. It is a sacred sound all of itself. Silence lives and breathes.

Often when a person is trying to make a decision in their lives or find direction they think and think amidst the busyness and noise of their lives feeling mentally distracted by their fears and what if’s and should’s and wonder why afterwards they made what later appeared to be a decision that was not in keeping with their values and the essence of who they are. The remedy for this is embracing silent sitting. Tuning into the quietness so that you can truly listen and connect with your ‘self’. Learning to become quiet and still and solitary.    

Even now as I write this and can hear the distant rush of the waves on the seashore outside my window and the gentle hum of central heating…… beneath all that… deep down… like a cushion beneath everything I hear… Silence.

The silence sounds deep and profound to me as though it has enveloped me in the depths of itself connecting me to the deepest part of my being where I can feel my heart beating, where my soul breathes.

It is here in all its knowingness that our answers are born. It is from this amazing place that we access our full potential to create amazing lives. It is here that we all connect to God.

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