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Everything is Possible

Posted - March 5th, 2015 • 0 Comments

I love the way I have scaled my life down. Life has become so much simpler. I choose to live in a smaller space (an apartment) so I have less cleaning to do. I have one small to medium size wardrobe so I have less clothes. I have left 98% of my many books stored […]

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Living a Life of Purpose

Posted - June 18th, 2014 • 12 Comments

It never fails to thrill and amaze me when I witness the joy in people who are following their dream, doing what they are meant to do with their life. They have found a way to be of service to others doing what brings them great joy.   No matter what the skill, from hairdressing […]

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Knowing what you want!

Posted - December 11th, 2013 • 4 Comments

I believe I have fulfilled my dream. For many years now I have recognized what I wanted when I saw it. Going on holidays in the sun, on leaving, I always acknowledged that someday ‘I want this‘! In other words not right now, but sometime in the future this is how I want to live. […]

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