About Telecourses & Teleseminars

Coach4Life - Telecourses & Teleseminars

At last! No need to journey out in all weathers to attend a course that interests you. No need to hire a babysitter, catch a bus or rush your evening meal! You can now attend Coach4Life courses and seminar in the comfort of your home or office.

These take place via telephone conference to a select number of participants, for individual attention and enjoyment. Our tele-courses and seminars are:

1. Easily accessible by ‘phone

2. Scheduled for your convenience

3. Interactive and enjoyable

In addition, handouts are provided and content is the same as in our popular face to face workshops. To find out more, check out our teleseminars and telecourses for a great introduction to coaching topics.

Also, for in-person coaching workshop, see our Life Coaching Workshops page

Success Strategies for Life tele-course

Are you ready to move out of the back seat of your life and start driving?

If Yes, then this 10 week tele-course could be for you.

Over a 10 week period, we will introduce you to 10 key principles which will guide you through uncharted areas of your life. Once you understand these principles and learn to apply them, you will never think of your problems, goals or relationships in the same way again.      Read More…


Fit ‘n’ Trim – tele-course

In this 6 week tele-course, we will take you through the steps you need to create a fitter, trimmer and healthier you. We will be motivating you and setting goals to get out there and move more eat less and have lots of fun in the process. Read More..


Mindfulness in Relationships tele-seminar

Staying in love and keeping a long-term relationship enjoyable, loving and fulfilling takes time and commitment

We want to share with you the secret to staying in love and keeping a long-term relationship fulfilling and enjoyable. In this thought provoking tele-seminar you will learn:

Read More..