Meditation Made Simple

Motivating And Inspiring You To Create The Life You Really Want!

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Bring more peace and calmness into your life.

During this 5 week course you will learn simple yet effective meditation techniques that can help you enjoy your life more.

Practicing meditation regularly can bring so much more peace and calm to day to day living where you find you can stay calm amid chaos and ‘act in’ rather than ‘react’ to situations. There are many benefits to practicing regularly e.g. you will discover you have more energy and sleep well, waking more refreshed. Your immune system will be stronger thus improving your overall health.

Carolyn will guide participants through abdominal breathing techniques that restore energy and yet calm the mind. You will experience full body relaxation, meditation and imagery techniques that reduce stress, improve concentration and help with decision making by connecting you more to your intuitive self and bring an immediate sense of calm and well being.

You will also learn some of Carolyn´s famously known Martini techniques which you can practice anytime, anyplace, anywhere!