Embracing our Fears as we begin a New Year

Posted - January 5th, 2014

I understand why some people take sleeping tablets!

In the dark quiet night it is difficult to escape ones thoughts. Reality seeps in.

Coach4Life - Insomnia

As I lay here I think about those in my life I have loved who have died. I realize what frightens me is that as i grow older and experience loss more and more I understand that everything in life is transitory. Nothing is for keeps. Nothing is definite!

(photo below of my mom and I on her 93rd birthday. She passed away peacefully on her 95th birthday 31st August 2012)

Coach4Life - Embrace your fears

As I feel the loving familiar warmth of my husband beside me fear grips me as I consider his mortality also. I wonder at how quickly life passes and the meaning of it all.  Is it really a dream ?  Moments pass in nano seconds into memory. Generation follows generation…What is for keeps?

As I consider this question,  I think of the old dusty books in libraries and decide that the written word is the one thing that survives longer than us and I am reminded of a line in the bible – ‘And the word was made flesh’ John 1;14.

The written word is where we can express ourselves and make an imprint in the world. It is where we can share and teach and explore thoughts.

There is a therapy in putting your thoughts down on paper e.g. journaling or  keeping a diary. It helps to unburden, it helps to untangle the web of emotions that we can sometimes bury under the busyness of life. That at times we can choose to run away from through medications like antidepressants, anti anxiety pills, alcohol, drugs and even exercise. 

Coach4Life - Embrace your fears

One of my ways of running away from these emotions is cleaning. If I  am upset or worried I clean and de-clutter and I find it calms me.

I understand that in taking me away from my thoughts it distances me from my emotions and it is gratifying because I see an instant result which is something I can create and have control over. And I realize there is so little we actually have control over in life!

Accepting this is key to finding peace and contentment in life!

Embracing the uncertainty of life. Capturing the beautiful precious moments that come our  way daily is so important  to building a sense of gratefulness and happiness. What is life without  those feelings? Not nice at all. So how do we cultivate this?

We cultivate this through living more mindfully. Being aware. Searching for and acknowledging the beauty around you – in places things, people. (photo below of me practicing mindfulness listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the warm sunshine – a moment to embrace)

Coach4Life - Embrace Your Fears

Acknowledging kindness when you see it. And also treating other people with kindness.

I used to always say to my boys when they were growing up “It’s nice to be nice”! They would laugh. But I meant it.

It costs nothing to be kind to others. Everyone is going through their own dark moments of the soul – their own fears and insecurities and if by being kind and you can bring them a moments peace in their life you have given them the greatest gift of all.

So rather than running away from your fears in the dark of the night, make peace with them by accepting them, embracing them.

Journal your thoughts

Or express them in other ways e.g. through art, music, poetry, dance.. 

Accept that life is uncertain and there is much you do not have control over.

Live mindfully.

Embrace beauty e.g. in nature, people, things.

And lastly..

Cultivate kindness in your life.. to others and to yourself. 

and be kind to your mind..

May this be a year filled with many beautiful moments that you cherish forever.

I am delighted to tell you that I am presently organizing a Writing Retreat Holiday in Lanzarote for this year. Here you will experience the amazing Healing Journey of the written word.  It will be a week of Self Discovery, a week of Deepening your Connection to your Inner Consciousness and Connecting more fully to your heart. No experience of writing necessary.  Details will be up on my website www.coach4life.ie . Contact me on info@coach4life.ie for information on this holiday retreat. 






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