Everything is Possible

Posted - March 5th, 2015

Coach4Life -  LanzaroteI love the way I have scaled my life down.

Life has become so much simpler.

I choose to live in a smaller space (an apartment) so I have less cleaning to do.

I have one small to medium size wardrobe so I have less clothes.

I have left 98% of my many books stored and bought a kindle, so I have less dust.

I live in a country that is warm so I have no heating bills, no problems drying clothes. I have more light and better weather so go out more and watch TV less so no bills for expensive satellite tv.

I have no alarm clock as I choose to wake naturally and only get up when I feel fully rested.

I work fewer hours choosing to begin from about mid-day most of the time. My work as a life coach, teacher, therapist and writer fulfills, challenges and excites me.

I finish work before the sun goes down and most of the year I even have a few daylight hours left to enjoy after work finishes around 6 pm.

I don’t live by rules, I don’t always wash up before going to bed. I eat what I want , meditate when I want and exercise when I want. I have dropped the `should s´.

Without shoulds my life feels free and easy.

I naturally like to create order in my surroundings and naturally want to take good care of my physical health and so mostly I have discovered there is no need for shoulds in order to live a happy life.

With less, I live more. My favourite room is my balcony overlooking the sea. My favourite time is a simple and delicious dinner with my husband or on my own if he is travelling and having my little dog curled up contented on my lap listening to the waves and watching the sun go down.

Living simply and scaling down my life has given me the life I love.

Do you know the sort of life you want ? Have you created goals to help you make that happen ?

Without knowing what you want you cannot create it. Without creating some goals or time line, without making some decisions, without taking action it cannot happen.

Life coaching can help you untangle your wants, needs and balance them with what is important for you to be happy.

Contact me now, make this one decision to start your life, to live your life, to create your life, exactly as you want it.

Everything is possible!


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