Letting in the Light

Posted - April 16th, 2014

Coach4Life - Letting in the Light Forgive yourself! Everyone has those moments or days where you wake up with a black cloud around you. Affirmations you say ? Yes of course! In some cases switching your thinking to affirmative statements can work wonders. But there can be those days that the seriousness of the situation or depth of that dark cloud that affirmations just don’t reach. Then I say “Go for it”!   Stop fighting the blackness, the sadness and dive.    Feel it, sense it, taste it, see it, accept it. Ok, so maybe you are shocked that this positive life coach is suggesting you do this. But I must admit that the word ‘positive’ I sometimes feel is making light and not honouring ‘real’ feelings. Can you coach yourself out of these feelings?  Absolutely! But not before you accept them. As you may know I am an advocate for kindness. And being kind to yourself means accepting yourself and not running away from your demons. You must face them and make peace with them. You do this through

  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Forgiveness
  • Love

Once you do this you will often find that painful place inside of you, which has been recognised, given time and space, love and understanding begins to lighten and heal. A new day is born. Click on the following links for information on same: Life Coaching,  Creative Holiday Retreats, Workshops, Online Courses, Life Coach Training

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