Meditation – Why not ‘Now’?

Posted - March 22nd, 2010


We live in a time of the future. A time of creating goals. A time of doing and doing and doing and busyness, and we wonder why we never feel satisfied with our life now. This is often because we are so focused on our futures that we have forgotten to find some peace in the present, some fulfilment in the present, some satisfaction with what is,  rather than to be always creating, always doing and never being.

This is how we end up feeling spiritually, emotionally and mentally empty. Because we always seem to think that we will find our happiness in the future, in tomorrow, next week next month next year, in that new relationship, in that new job.

But if we can cultivate a practice in our lives that  allows us to spend more time in the now, then the quality of that nowness changes to one of acceptance, to one of peace, to one where there is no more struggle.

It is where we find the fragments of ourselves that we have put out into our futures, into our tomorrows, into our hopes, into our dreams and come back to where the peace is, to where we find that peace, to where we connect with that peace and that is in ourselves.. All those things we are looking for out there we already have … through the process of meditation, through the process of mindfulness, through the process of being in the now – We can come to live our lives more fully, take part more fully in our lives bringing peace, satisfaction, fulfilment and acceptance into the present moment.

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