Our Intrinsic Link to Well being and Creativeness – part 1

Posted - March 10th, 2010

Coach4Life - Well being and creativenessWhat are your energy levels like as you read this? Do you feel good?

Chances are if you are tired or tense you have not been what I call ‘filling up on life’. I  have found  the secret to feeling good, feeling alive and having that sense of calmness of self that we all crave.

The most common thing that I have noticed that people do when they are tired is to head for the nearest chemist or health store to stock up on vitamins or a tonic. Well I have found my own tonic and its on our doorstep and free. The tonic is simply spending a little time in nature everyday. So you might say to me “Well I live in a city, have a busy job and therefore no time to go to the countryside. Well I am here to tell you that you don’t even need to leave the city to find nature. It’s in every garden, in every tree, follows every  bird and moves with every cloud in the sky. It’s in a starry night and in the air that we breathe on a cold crisp morning. It’s in the dew that clings to every blade of grass. It follows the birds as they search for bedding for their nests and the seagulls that head to shore on a stormy day.

When we keep our heads stuck in the computer screen 24/7 or watch telly and never leave our busy and sometimes hectic lives to connect to something so beautiful and amazing we get tunnel vision and only see the problems and keep on running through our lives.

I liken it to being like a tree, we are the branches and the trunk is what sustains us and gives us life. It reminds us that we are not alone, we are somehow all connected. There is a larger picture than our own narrow little lives and the more often we connect to this beautiful mystery of life the fuller we feel in every context.

Nature teaches us so much, from the ebb and flow of the tides that everything is transient – so it is best not to hold too tightly to what feels good (causing addictions) or what feels bad (causing more pain than necessary). From the surrender of nature to the winter cold as the trees let go of their leaves and go deep  into their roots for substance (as we can do during painful times of our lives, surrender, go within and heal)

The balance, surrender and beauty in nature is to me our filling station in life. Can you expect your car to run without petrol? Therefore why would you expect yourself to live well without experiencing the calming beauty that lives and breathes among us with a life force that grows the crops we eat, provides us with the air we breathe, the sun that encourages healthy growth and the waters alive with life that sustains us.

So for your daily tonic I recommend, a walk in the air (dare I say fresh if you live in the city!) where you drink in the beauty around you in the trees, birds and all the elements that make up nature. And maybe take a few moments in your working day to notice the exquisite beauty of a flower or the sunset as you head home or the full moon as it watches you from the starlet heavens.

Recognise that the ebb and flow of the waves is as unique as the beatings of your own heart reminding you of the miracle of life which we are all connected with….. Alone… or are we really All One!

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