Why Hire A Life Coach?

Motivating And Inspiring You To Create The Life You Really Want!

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People hire a life coach for many reasons. For some, it can be to focus on a specific area of life such as work, career or relationships. For others, it can be a feeling of being unhappy, frustrated or even bored with life. Whatever the reason, Coach4Life Ireland is here to help you untangle your desires and create new direction and focus in your life. We can help you get the results you really want because our coaches are trained in many different coaching skills and methods, including Deep Listening, Self Development, Stress Management, Presentation Skills, Meditation and Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.).

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If you are in the ‘grey area of life’ – feeling unfulfilled, disappointed or even bored with life – we can help you to re-discover your energy and enthusiasm. Starting the coaching process and changing your beliefs to more empowering ones will really help you get a new focus and interest. Very soon you will be back in the driving seat of life where you can start to move in the direction you really want.

To get fast and fantastic results in this area book your one to one life coaching session now. You could also enroll in our “Coaching for Effortless Success Telecourse” which is a powerful introduction to our Coach4Life methods of coaching and can be done each week from the comfort of your own home.


Relationships are at the heart of life. Our coaches can help you to resolve any problems you may be having with friends, family, work colleagues or loved ones. Through relationship coaching we can help you to restore and renew love, intimacy and trust. We also offer Couples Coaching to deal effectively with relationship issues or to move a good relationship up to the next level.


There are many aspects to career coaching, from upping the stakes in your current job, to finding a new career or starting your own business. At Coach4Life Ireland we will provide the motivation and confidence you need to make changes and move in the direction you really want. We will coach you to release old fears and limitations and create confidence and self-belief instead. You will create focused career action plans that inspire, excite, and motivate you and we will be there to keep you on target with your goals. Check out our Career Coaching page for more information.


At Coach4Life Ireland, we have produced excellent results in the area of weight loss because our coaching methods are all about learning to have a great relationship with yourself. You will be coached to love and respect your body, keep promises to yourself and to deal with stress and emotional issues in a proactive, healthy way. If you have had little success in the past achieving a healthy body weight, then give us a try – you can learn to glow with energy and feel happy in your body before you know it! To find out more, see our Weight Loss Coaching page. Or check out our special Telecourse, “Fit & Trim”.


If you have decided it is time to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then our Coach4Life programme can help you in several ways. You can discover if you are really ready to attract the right person into your life by uncovering patterns that did not help you in the past, for example, sabotaging love. Instead, we can help you to create your own ‘blueprint’ what you really want in a relationship and support you as you move toward your goal. So, if you are ready to attract a fulfilling relationship into your life, check out our Private Life Coaching or try our course “Attracting Your Ideal Partner In Life”.