Weight Loss Coaching

Motivating And Inspiring You To Create The Life You Really Want!

Coach4Life - Weightloss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching Is An Exciting Branch Of Coach4Life Ireland

Here we use the principles of Coaching, Stress Management and Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) to introduce you to techniques that enable you to change old behaviours and produce lasting results in your health and lifestyle.

Through weight loss coaching, you will become aware of what lies underneath poor food choices, weight gain and overeating. You will create realistic goals and be coached to establish new and enjoyable lifestyle habits.

Our focus here is on coaching you to:

  • Change your relationship to food
  • Practice Mindfulness in your eating and living
  • Learn the power one simple word – Enough!
  • Learn to overcome emotional eating
  • Feel in control of what you eat and why
  • Experience increased energy and aliveness
  • Connect to the ‘slimmer’ core of you – for good!
  • Learn to love and cherish your body

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