Protecting your relationships

Posted - October 27th, 2014

Protect your relationshipSometimes when we are in pain the easiest thing to do is to lash out at those close to us.

We all go through our own very challenging experiences and can mirror that into everyday relationships.

The most important thing here to do is to mentally separate issues, people and experiences.

For example, Jane is be feeling undermined at work and her inner state of being is feeling threatened therefore she takes it out on her ‘secure’ relationships to reignite her own feeling of confidence and display her anger. So she finds that she is fighting with the people she loves most .

What is best to do here is to tell those she loves that she is going through separate stuff unrelated to them and to give her space to work through this and not to take her present emotional state of being as personal to them.

This can help to protect her important relationships being damaged from her present emotional state while she works through this.

Protecting your important relationships from the backlash of other emotional issues unrelated to them is so important to your happiness.

We all have frustrations and disappointments. These are part and parcel in life. But protecting those you love from your own emotional outbursts can save relationships that are precious and important to you.

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