The beauty of Lanzarote

Posted - December 19th, 2013

The raw energy of this island I live on has reached into my soul like a clawed hand and brought it back to life!

Coach4Life - The beauty of lanzarote

There is a rare beauty here that can make you stop on your stampede to your location to look in jaw dropping awe at the multitude of gentle colours that reflect into the sky from the evening sunset or morning sunrise.

Coach4Life - The beauty of lanzarote

There is the indomitable volcano that sits in its raw powerful beauty in stark contrast to the sky and sea.

Coach4Life - The beauty of lanzarote

Everything here speaks of survival… of beauty and calm and the violence of nature. Everything contrasting.

This island makes me feel alive and respectful of nature from the silken smooth waters I swim in that in an instant can change into a monster sea that frightens me and seems to have its own heartbeat and agenda.

And then of course there is the moon like landscape that is left over from the journey of the molten lave many decades ago that only need one days gentle rain drops to turn into a lush green wonder.

Coach4Life - The beauty of lanzarote

This island is surely a paradise that makes one feel a huge depth of gratitude for bearing witness to natures gifts.

It is the perfect venue for my Wellness Retreats. Next holiday retreat is booking for February 25th 2014. I will have further retreats as well booking throughout the year.

One response to “The beauty of Lanzarote”

  1. June says:

    Beautiful images Carolyn! Thanks so sharing 🙂