The Freedom to be who You Are

Posted - April 9th, 2014

Coach4Life - The Freedom to be who you areChoice is very important in life. I have read that often people who become
depressed feel trapped in their life. Feel that they have no control over
events. No choice.

This is a topic that has always been close to my heart.

From a little child I have always been drawn to wisdom and choice.

My favorite people were not people my own age though of course I had
friends. But where I found the greatest interest and joy was in spending
time with the elderly.

Even under 10 years of age I remember making the rounds of the elderly
people in my neighborhood… only the nice ones of course! And I loved to
sit and listen to their stories and asked them lots of questions.

I have always believed in choice.. that we are never stuck, That there is
always a way out of any situation.

The one thing I love with living longer is the wisdom it gives us.

For with every challenge we live through we have a choice – the choice to be
a victim of it or the choice to being a survivor.

We may live in a little house, in a little town, in a little community, on a
little island but we must remember that we live on a very beautiful planet
in the universe where there are so many people who have overcome so much both in themselves and in their communities.

I am just reading the life story of a woman who inspired me as a child – Dr.
Joan Denise Moriarty – a strong, focused and creative woman who made her
mark in Irish Dance Culture and certainly made her mark on my life.

One of the captions from a newspaper article about her reads

‘She dreamed an impossible dream … and made it come true!

What an inspiring woman!

Though she was disappointed in my choice not to pursue a career in dance, I knew it was the right choice for me.

And another wonderfully inspiring woman in my life growing up was Eileen
Curran who was disappointed with my choice not to pursue a stage career.

I remember hearing that in her latter years she passed away in her sleep one Easter having played the mother of Christ at the holy Trinity Church in Cork the night before and that there were tears running down her face on the altar at the Easter scene.

She had such a strong and beautiful faith and whenever she sang the hymns one felt compelled to believe as strongly as she did.

The skills and the example these two women displayed to me of strength and confidence have influenced my life in many positive ways.

I give myself permission to be strong and creative and make the choices that
create the life I want.

Who has inspired you ?  I always love to hear about your experiences ..

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