The Simple Secret for Success

Posted - July 9th, 2015


Simple Secret to Success

One of the secrets to success and fulfillment in life is a very simple one. Let me describe the secret of success and fulfillment to you…

It requires a little courage at times. It requires honesty.  It requires a habit of self-management.

And what does it give you?

It gives you peace. It gives you good friends. It gives you energy. It is a guidance system that brings and keeps you on your life path to fulfillment and success.

What is this secret?

It is simply being yourself… being authentic… being who you are and staying connected to that all the time.

What does this mean?

It means never imitating others, never asking others for the answers to your decisions.

It means always being aware of what your own inner voice is saying to you,  also known as your intuition.

Some people will feel it rather than hear it.  It may be a feeling of excitement or energy or relief and can act as your divining system to success in great decision making.

It can also give you the opposite feelings which are uncomfortable and guide you away from certain situations and people.

How do you connect with this inner voice?

You can connect with it by simply asking a question to yourself like e.g. “If I were to say yes to this job offer how does this really make me feel “?

Unfortunately many people look to others for answers in their lives believing this can attract success to them.  Or they make decisions based on their ego, pride, fear or simply to get approval from others.

The thing is we have all been born with this inner divining guidance system that can guide us to success and fulfilment in life. It is only through connecting with this that you make your best decisions and take right actions… which are known as divine right action.

As a life coach and a trainer of life coaches I consider the most important part of my job is helping others to become proficient in connecting to their own inner guidance system and learning to trust it.

Through skillful coaching techniques I enable my clients to uncover their own perfect solutions, decisions and destiny.

It reminds me of a quote from the famous Italian sculpture Michael Angelo who said

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free”


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