Unlock your Courage … Yes You Can !

Posted - August 24th, 2012

Life can be challenging at the best of times. So staying strong in yourself by nurturing self belief and trust that no matter what happens you can manage any situation calmly and confidently is key. Let me tell you how you can do this..

The more you shy away from trying something new the lower your confidence gets because this is just reinforcing a belief that you wont be able to manage this new experience.

Ask yourself what is it that you keep putting off ? What new experiences do you keep saying no to ? Why ?

Often the thought of doing something new is worse than actually doing it!

When you begin saying Yes to new experiences there are many benefits as your world opens up even more and your courage expands and you may find as I often do that you enjoyed it!

Let me tell you just two things I did in the last few months to expand my comfort zone..

This year I was very conscious of trying new things and so when an opportunity presented itself for a solo holiday abroad for one week I took it! And before you ask, no I never went on holiday by myself before. Was I a little apprehensive? In truth yes, but did I let it stop me.. definitely Not!

What did I discover ?

I discovered that I absolutely love my own company. I loved the time to meditate and just be. I loved indulging in being present with myself and my surroundings. I  loved the quiet and I loved doing nothing. It was pure bliss!

So in this new experience I have not only improved my relationship with myself but also my belief to handle any situation travelling and being in a different country alone.

And just last weekend another challenge presented itself the following day after attending a family wedding celebration and 4 hours sleep. I joined some friends for what I thought was going to be a pleasant stroll for an hour or two in the Kerry Mountains. The pleasant stroll turned out to be hill walking (more like mountain climbing!) in wind and rain for 5 hours covering 16 miles.

If you had asked me did I think I could have done that before I did it I would have said “No Way”!

But when push came to shove and I had the opportunity to thumb a lift back at the half way mark exhausted, wet through, squelching shoes and with another 8 miles to cover back again  I decided that I could do it! I wanted to challenge myself ! I knew that it was very important to keep telling myself that I Can Do This, especially as I looked up and saw a sharp incline ahead of me battling wind, rain and much pain.

Once I made that decision the journey back, up and down mountains was a joyful one and I even gave the thumbs up in a photo you’ll see below. I was so happy because I had, in my mind, achieved so much!  I may even invest in some proper footwear for future expeditions!

Going to that spiritual gym inside yourself, proving to yourself that you CAN DO IT all builds confidence. Confidence that you CAN HANDLE whatever comes your way.

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