Your Life Is Waiting

Posted - February 14th, 2013

My mother used to always say “Life is not a rehearsal”!

How often do you remember this?

Each day is filled with choices people often refuse to see.

Is it easier to put up with what does not bring you joy? I often hear people complain about their job, relationships, weather, traffic etc. Each one of us has been given a very precious gift. The gift of life! Are you living yours exactly as you wish? If not, what is your ball and chain ? Is it really an excuse to stay stuck and not move out of your comfort zone?

Have you felt your fear alongside your greatest desire? And then sold your dream down the river? What is it that gets some people to move forward to their dreams despite every adversary?

Coach4Life - Achieve Success in Life

Because you’re worth it!

For me, I constantly move well beyond my comfort zones in life. I believe the following are most important:

  1. Noticing what brings you joy and what doesn’t.
  2. Trusting your gut instinct
  3. Acknowledging that fear is only a thought
  4. Tuning into the magnetic field of attraction and using it to create more joy
  5. It is so true – ‘Follow your Bliss’ because that is the right path for you.
  6. Stop making excuses!
  7. Go to your ‘Inner Gym’ and build your self belief!

And remember, your Life is waiting for YOU!

At Coach4Life Ireland we are there for you to help you through all the steps of this process. It may require you doing some soul-searching (Life Coaching) (Retreat) and facing your biggest fears (see our workshops on Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway). But we know that YOU CAN DO IT! To book your life coaching appointment either via Skype/Phone/In person contact us now at or call 0876419912

See… Feel…. Experience your life unfolding.

Because You deserve it!

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