Life Coach Training in Lanzarote

Accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring at Level 7

Coach4Life - Lanzarote

Here in beautiful Lanzarote, you have the opportunity of enjoying one to one training covering the main modules of the Life Coaching Diploma with Carolyn Curtis.

Once you have registered your place on this training you begin with

Part One:  Preparation 

One of the unique features of this program is the preparation you experience in our online college, which will ensure that you arrive in Lanzarote with a solid foundation that allows us to start at a higher level in our time together for your week’s intensive training.

Part Two: Lanzarote Training

For your training in the beautiful Canary island of Lanzarote,  we will cover -two full days and three half days and two full days beginning at 10.30 to 1pm, and afternoons from 2.30 to 4.30. This allows you time also to enjoy exploring the island.

In Lanzarote, we concentrate on the Life Coaching Diploma modules of this comprehensive training course where you will experience practicing all the skills in our Advanced and Comprehensive Coach Training program with Carolyn Curtis, Master Coach, and developer of this expert training.

Part Three: After Lanzarote

On return home, you can go through all the skills you have learned in Lanzarote to revise as often as you like in the online college, where there are videos and audios for you to watch and listen to.

Now that you are confident in your coaching skills,  you continue to bring your skill to a high diploma standard by practice coaching other students and friends of friends,  with full 24/7 teacher support and guidance until you achieve your diploma standard.

Next Step – Career Skills Certificates

To ensure that you are not only a great coach but also a coach that has the most amazing skills for yourself, for your clients, and to grow your coaching business we have these amazing skills for you to add to your portfolio

  • A Certificate in Stress Management
  • A Certificate in Meditation Skills (along with a one day workshop you can present)
  • A Certificate in Presentation Skills
  • A Certificate in Self Development based on Louise Hay´s teachings

This full training program is accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (Level 7) and brings you from an absolute beginner to an advanced level of training.

You enjoy continuous support and guidance from both Carolyn and other student coaches with our regular online coach meetings and as much one-to-one time with Carolyn as you want/need as she brings you step by step to achieving your Diploma and Certificates.

If you would like to enjoy some longer holiday time here then we suggest booking at least 10 days so you have a few days either side of training.

Carolyn can advise you on flights and accommodation.

The investment for the Advanced Comprehensive and Internationally Accredited Diploma and Career Skills Program is just 3,800 euros. Do check out our testimonials for this program below and the recently updated ´before and after´ testimonial from our lovely Evelyn McAleer Life Coach and Author.

Interested ?  Simply email us to arrange a call and we can tell you more about this training opportunity. Right now, there are a few dates left for 2021, so immediate booking is important for your preparation to begin.  Email Carolyn at