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Couples Coaching

If you want to improve your relationship, then couples coaching could be for you.

What is Couples Coaching?

Just like other types of coaching, couples coaching is about looking at what you want rather than what you don’t want. It is about setting goals and taking steps to make them happen. It is not counselling or psychotherapy. It does not delve into emotions being expressed; instead it is about change and making things better. This includes awareness around how you communicate with your partner, taking responsibility for what you are creating in your relationship and letting go of the need to blame.

Couples coaching is about taking action, learning new strategies and better communication skills. It is learning to treat each other with mutual respect, trust and most of all loving kindness. It means mutual responsibility for what happens in your relationship and learning to really listen to each other.

“From understanding the different ways that men and women relate to each other, and how needs differ, you can begin to improve your love life from today. Love adds the salt and pepper to life and it can last if we relate with more understanding of our differences” Carolyn Curtis Coach4Life Ireland.

Four Steps That Can Help Your Relationship:

  1. Have a date night at least once a week. This must be away from your home and without children, somewhere you can talk and spend time alone.
  2. Communication is key, so listen to your partner when they talk. And stop thinking of your reply before they finish speaking!
  3. Tell your partner what you love about them. Let them know you find them attractive and fun to be with.
  4. Stop nagging your mate! Over time it can do a lot of damage. Instead, think of your relationship as a bank account. Stop making withdrawals by nagging and criticizing, instead make lodgements by really listening and communicating.


“We went to see Carolyn for relationship coaching as things had got very bad between us and we were close to breaking up. We had two young children at the time. We got tremendous benefit from the sessions and learnt to communicate with each other in better ways. That was over a year ago. We are so much happier now and have gone on to have another baby. I don’t know what we would have done if we had not found Carolyn. We would highly recommend her to any other couple going through difficult times” Maire and Paul, Cork.

“I went to see Carolyn for some one-to-one sessions this year to help me deal with a personal situation that had been causing me considerable stress in my marriage for some time. Carolyn helped me enormously during this time. She taught me coping mechanisms that helped me see things in a more positive light, not to be so hard on myself and let other people affect how I felt about myself. It was such a huge relief to be able to talk in confidence to a third party about a sensitive issue without judgment. Carolyn really helped me get through a bumpy patch and come out the other end better than ever. As it turned out she also ended up helping me enormously with work related issues and other family issues. Carolyn is very gentle in her approach and she’s a fantastic listener. She has a great ability to help you see things very differently for the better, with just a few words” Aine Raferty, Web Professional.

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